Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, Is Lio College accredited by ministry of education?

Answer Lio is fully accredited by ministry of education and partner to major examining bodies.

Q2,Who is eligible to join Lio College?

Answer Courses are tailored for anyone from lowest level of education to the highest the difference is only the form of exam one can enlist.

Q3,Is there any age limit on admission?

Answer A person of any age can enroll with our courses

Q4,Do I need the full amount of fees to join?

Answer Any amount of fees is accepted so long as there is Commitment to clear the balance.

Q5,Does the college have hostels?

Answer The College has hostels for those who come from far off places.

Q6,Are students placed for job upon completion?

Answer Our graduates are highly sought after by the industries and it’s a guarantee for all lio graduates to get a jobs.

Q7,Can one take shorter duration that the stipulated?

Answer A crush program me is organized for special cases.